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Stephen Dean

Professor Dean graduated from Yale Law School in 1999 before practicing tax at two global law firms. He joined the faculty at Brooklyn Law School in 2004, ultimately becoming its Vice Dean. Professor Dean has also served as the Faculty Director of the Graduate Tax Program at NYU Law. In addition to his writing in tax law and policy he has also explored the convergence of business and philanthropy in works such as "Social Enterprise Law: Trust, Public Benefit and Capital Markets" with Dana Brakman Reiser (Oxford University Press, 2017). He was born in the United States and grew up in the Bahamas.

This lecture examines legal, economic, and political considerations that have shaped U.S. domestic and international tax policy. Potential topics include the concept of income and the tax base; economic efficiency; equity and distributive justice; tax expenditures; fundamental tax reform; tax havens; tax compliance and enforcement, including tax shelters; and current tax policy issues. In addition to revealing the dynamics that produced the U.S. domestic and international tax laws in effect today, the lecture will also emphasize perspectives and concerns that should have been, but were not, taken into account in formulating those policies.

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