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Annika Streicher

Annika Streicher has been a Teaching and Research Associate at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law since February 2018. Her doctoral thesis deals with the topic of “VAT Dispute Resolution in the Framework of European Law”. She has obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Law from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Vienna. Her research focuses on VAT from an Austrian as well as from an European law perspective. Besides that she also does research in other areas of European tax law such as dispute resolution in direct tax law and mandatory disclosure regimes.

These workshops are directly linked to the introductory class on the general topic and will be held while students are working on their Master’s theses. The participants are introduced to the techniques employed in writing an academic piece of work. Support will also be given on methods of research, using international literature, and its systematic review. Students have the opportunity to show the results of their work in the form of presentations, and to initiate discussion and debate on the topics concerned. The problems which are presented in the final thesis will be discussed in class and possible solutions sought.

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