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Eelco Van der Enden

Eelco van der Enden leads PwC’s global Tax Administration Consulting practice and is member of PwC's Global Sustainability Steering Board. He supports businesses, governments, tax administrations, intra-governmental organizations and NGOs in their endeavours to design and implement sustainable tax compliance strategies. Eelco is a member of the Global Board of Directors of GRI, has deep insights in the consolidation of the ESG standard setting landscape and he was a co-writer of GRI 207: Tax, the standard on taxation ( Eelco is also Chairman of the Tax Policy Group of Accountancy Europe, member of the EU GTG Committee EU and has published more than 50 articles on tax governance.

The world of tax has changed. Society demands transparency and social responsible tax behavior of multinational companies. Where it used to be the field of (tax) legal specialists only, nowadays the strategic and operational side of tax is getting more attention from ‘stakeholders’ like accountants, supervising bodies, (tax) administrations and NGOs. Regulators and the OECD come up with new compliance enforcement strategies based on cooperation (‘trust’) and self-assessment. Companies must be in control of tax. The lecture is an introduction in tax risk management covering topics such as tax strategy and communication, aligning business & tax operations, tax accounting, tax assurance, and tax data management.

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