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Kim Brooks

Kim Brooks is the Dean of the Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University, Canada. She is also a Professor at the Schulich School of Law. She teaches in researches in tax law and policy with particular foci in international and comparative tax law. She has served on consultation bodies or participated in capacity building projects in several countries, including Canada, China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Kenya, and the Caribbean.

Although the underlying foundations of most modern tax systems are similar, each tax law has its own distinct features resulting from different tax policy choices and often deep cultural differences. Aside from its practical value to tax practitioners dealing with transnational transactions, comparative tax law has become a significant discipline in the literature of tax law and policy because it is an important means by which tax students and practitioners can enrich their understanding of their own tax systems and can learn about the factors that determine tax legislative outcomes in different countries.  In this course a number of the leading studies in comparative tax law will be examined in order to discern the deep structure of the income tax, how tax laws reflect the values and institutions of different countries, and the extent to which one country can transplant tax laws from another country in order to improve its tax system.

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