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Christoph Marchgraber

Born in Vienna in 1985. After finishing his PhD in 2013 and his habilitation in 2017, he started to work as a tax advisor for KPMG with a focus on corporate tax law and international tax law. Besides his practical career, Christoph Marchgraber is still involved in the academic life through giving lectures, participating (actively and passively) in national and international conferences as well as publishing articles in books and journals.

In practice, it is not only important to acquire in-depth knowledge about tax law and to seek for the most convincing legal arguments. It is also important to convince clients, tax administrations, courts or readers of those arguments by writing clearly, concisely and in a structured manner. Thus, the lecture aims to provide a better understanding of how to structure legal arguments and draft legal opinions. The course will begin with questions and discussions about different issues regarding legal opinions, such as the differences between legal opinions and academic papers, the expectations of the potential audiences, and the different styles of structure and writing. Afterwards, practical case studies in tax treaty law will be analyzed by teams of students, who will then write legal opinions from different perspectives (taxpayer, tax administration, court). By sharing and discussing the different experiences in class, the lecture intends to develop an understanding of how your writing skills may turn a good legal opinion into a great legal opinion.

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