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Jacques Sasseville

Head of the Tax Treaty Unit of the Fiscal Affairs Division at the OECD. He holds university degrees in law and accounting (including master’s degrees in both law and taxation). He has been with the OECD since 1995, and also from 1990 to 1993, when he was principal administrator and subsequently deputy head of the Fiscal Affairs Division. He has also worked with the Federal Government of Canada as counsel in the Tax Counsel Division (Department of Justice) and as head of Tax Treaties (Department of Finance). Previous work experience includes five years as professor in the Department of Accounting Sciences at the University of Quebec in Montreal, researcher and lecturer at the law faculty of the University of Montreal, and work as a tax lawyer in a Canadian law firm. He has written and lectured extensively on Canadian and international tax issues and is currently a member of the Permanent Scientific Committee of IFA.

Preventing Treaty Abuse

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