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Klaus Vogel Lecture

Prof. Klaus Vogel (1930-2007) was one of the greatest academics in the area of international tax law and instrumental in developing our LL.M. Program. As a tribute to him we have established the "Klaus Vogel Lecture" in 2007. The lecture takes place every year with the support of PwC Germany. The next one is scheduled on October 13, 2023.

2007 - 2022

L. Mutén on "European Tax Law, quo vadis?"
J. Sasseville on "Tax Treaties and Schrödinger’s cat"
B. Arnold on "The Interpretation of Tax Treaties: Myth and Reality"
P. Baker on "Is Ownership Always Beneficial?"
J.F. Avery Jones on "Avoiding Double Taxation: Credit versus Exemption Method"
E. Reimer on "The relevance of Art. 7 OECD MC for the definition of permanent establishment"
P. Essers on "International Tax Justice between Machiavelli and Habermas"
W. Schön on "Neutrality and Territoriality - Competing or Converging Concepts of European Tax Law"
L. Schoueri on "Arm’s Length beyond the Guidelines of the OECD"
D. Rosenbloom on "O Brave New World: The Looming Rethink of International Taxation in the United States"
S. Shay on "Balancing Competition and Coordination in International Taxation"
M. Devereux on "Should we use Value Creation or Destination as a Basis for Taxing Digital Business?"
Y. Brauner on "The True Nature of Tax Treaties"
S. van Weeghel on "Tax and Investment Treaties: A World to Explore!"
T. Dagan, "Unbundled Tax Sovereignty"
B. Wiman, "Who should be in the driver's seat in developing international tax norms? Civil servants or national parliaments?"