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Rodolfo Gregório de Paival, Full-time 2017/2018
Lawyer in São Paulo, Counselor of Ethic and Discipline Court of Brazilian BAR Association
The LL.M. Program represents one of the most remarkable periods of my life from both a personal and a professional perspective. The friendly environment favors interaction with professors and other students, some of them valuable friends now. WU offers all the necessary infrastructure at the incredibly modern and beautiful Campus, situated in a lovely and efficient city. This atmosphere matches perfectly with the highly demanding program, conducted by some the most important names in international tax law, literally from all over the world. I feel privileged for being part of this family that helped me to reach another level of understanding on international tax issues.

Silvia Hallová, Part-time 2015/2017
I really enjoyed the LL.M. Program in Vienna for various reasons, such as meeting people from all over the world, enjoying the different styles of teaching, and extending my professional knowledge in international taxation. I am using the knowledge gained in international taxation in my daily business and our firm.

Ioana-Felicia Rosca, Full-time 2016/2017
The entire year was a continuous set of interactions and lectures held by the authors of the top tax articles and books one reads before even considering going on a journey such as the one of this LL.M. From representatives of the Committee on Fiscal Affairs of the OECD, including the leader of the OECD/G20 BEPS Project, to leaders in International Tax Law in the Austrian Ministry of Finance to former Chief Tax Treaty Negotiator of Australia, to numerous visiting professors from leading universities around the world and international organizations such as the IMF, all came together in one place making the program absolutely remarkable and inspirational. For me the LL.M. has been one of the most memorable experiences and indeed a transformative one.

Maurizio Di Salvo, Part-time 2011/2013
My personal experience with the LL.M. Program can be summarized with one word: “growth”. I grew and developed my knowledge of international tax law, and achieved a subsequent growth in my professional activities, and a growth in the relationships with other colleagues from all over the world - many of whom now are my friends. The LL.M. Program in Vienna is really a big opportunity to invest in oneself.