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Tomas Balco

Tomas Balco serves as Senior Adviser in BEPS Capacity Building Team of Global Relations and Development Division at OECD Center for Tax Policy and Administration. In this role he is assisting both the OECD member and non-member countries in the process of implementing various BEPS recommendations into their legal and administrative framework. He is also leading the joint project on Transfer Pricing between OECD and Brazil’s Receita Federal (RFB). Prior to his current role he was serving as Head of Transfer Pricing Unit in the Tax Treaty, Transfer Pricing and Financial Transactions division at OECD, where he was overseeing the finalization of the BEPS follow up work on transfer pricing. He has more than 20 years of combined practical experience both in private and public sectors as well as in academia. His experience in international tax policy includes the work done for the Ministries of Finance and Tax Authorities of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Chile as well as European Council and EU Commission and also working as consultant for other international organizations such as International Financial Corporation, World Bank Group, United Nations and development agencies such as USAID, JICA and others. Tomas has previously represented Slovakia on several working groups of OECD during the BEPS project and was also involved in the process of implementation of BEPS measures both at the EU level – negotiation of the ATAD Directives and also their implementation in the national tax law. Next to transfer pricing, his expertise includes the EU Tax Law, Tax Treaties and special tax regimes – e.g. financial sector taxation, extractive industry taxation and others. He was involved in numerous capacity building projects in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa. Tomas has 4 advanced law degrees with specialization on International Law (Mgr., JUDr. as well as PHD Degrees from Masaryk University in Brno) and International Tax Law (graduate of the LL.M. from WU) and is also qualified as Chartered Certified Accountant and member of UK Professional body – ACCA (qualified since 2008). Tomas has also academic background and has been previously involved in numerous research projects and actively publishing his work (IBFD, Kluwer, Linde) and teaching in different graduate and postgraduate programs at Universities in Europe (Lausanne, Leiden, Ljubljana, Kaunas, Bratislava and Prague), Brazil (IBDT program), Kazakhstan (KIMEP University) as well as South Africa (African Tax Institute at University of Pretoria).

OECD has been playing a leading role in International Tax Policy standard setting since 1960ies when the OECD Model Convention was developed and gradually other international tax standards evolved also in other areas – such as OECD Transfer Pricing Standards and standards for exchange of information. With the creation of BEPS Inclusive Framework, the OECD has embarked on a new journey, which involves also non-OECD economies in the formulation of International Standards included in the different recommendations included in the BEPS Action plan. This lecture will provide overview of the historic evolution of the different international tax standards as well as their current status and the related ongoing international tax policy developments. Students will gain insights into the underlying tax policy issues but also dynamics and processes of the international tax standard setting.

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